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At Matrix Health and Fitness we believe that variety is essential to help you get fast results. We love to mix things up which is why we have a rotational schedule for our classes that consists of the awesome types of sessions listed below. So, apart from the Boxing, Smasher and Run for your Life classes you will not actually know which session is scheduled. That way you can’t escape your least favourite type of training (insert slightly evil cackle here):

Agility Frivolity

This class consists of training drills that will improve speed, balance, power and co-ordination in an awesome and fun way.

Rope of Happiness

The RoH class consists of drills that include training with different types of ropes. We use battling ropes and techniques as well as other types of rope like skipping ropes.

Take a Teaspoon of Sandbag

Our Sandbag class has drills that use sandbags that range from 5kg to 8kg. These are an awesome way to do resistance training in a totally “non boring and non traditional” way.

Bodyweight Boom

On a BB day, all exercises will be bodyweight only. This is a great class for you to learn the types of exercises you can do at home with no equipment.

RYAO (Run Your A*se Off)

Ahhh, the Running Day. In this session you will run, you will jog, you will sprint and you will love to run.

Lovin the Logs

We take a simple koppers log and turn it into something you never thought it could be. You will love Log Day.

Surprise session

On Surprise Day, anything can happen. You could do a boxing session. You could do a 1000’s session. It’s all about a SURPRISE.


Have you ever seen what a boxer’s body looks like? They are lean, healthy and strong. Boxing is one of the toughest AND fun workouts you can ever do.


A short 30min blaster session aimed at real results for real people!


Do you want to improve your agility, speed and cardiovascular fitness? Do you just love running or have always wanted to start? This 30 min class focuses on exercises based on running and running skills. Come and challenge yourself - beginners to advanced welcome!

We also run special training workshops from time to time. For example: Kettlebells, Power Bags, Battling Ropes plus many more. These workshops show you correct techniques and form plus give you training ideas for those days you can’t get to class.

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